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Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal

Bilfinger Industrial Services UK Ltd provide asbestos abatement and removal services to industrial premises throughout the UK. Whether your asbestos needs to be removed or whether it can be safely encapsulated and managed, our specialist teams have the skills and expertise to identify the best way of tackling the individual project and to see it through to successful completion.


  • Surveys - Rather than conducting asbestos surveys in house, we provide you with information on competent and accredited analysts. This means you can be sure the advice you receive is impartial and the best course of action recommended.
  • Project Planning - Every project plan takes into account both the requirements for dealing safely and effectively with your specific asbestos problems and also the need to make sure the work causes the least possible disruption to your operations.
  • Remedial Work and Encapsulation - Where asbestos does not present an immediate hazard, removal may not be required. We provide a range of encapsulation techniques, labelling each section so it can be safely monitored and managed.
  • Asbestos Removal - A complete removal service, including setting up safe and secure enclosures with air lock entry and exit plus mobile decontamination units for operatives. You can be confident there will be no risk to your staff during the removal process.
  • Asbestos Monitoring and Management - Ongoing monitoring and management, preventing in-situ asbestos from deteriorating and ensuring it does not present any danger.

The Industrial Asbestos Specialist

Having worked on many major projects for blue chip and other industrial customers, we bring to every new project an extensive understanding of how to manage the complex challenges that arise when dealing with asbestos at industrial locations. This high level of knowledge and expertise has been recognised by the HSE, with whom we have collaborated closely to develop safe systems of work where customer requirements have challenged standard practice.

Specialist In-house Teams

All staff working on asbestos projects are employed directly by Bilfinger, work solely on asbestos related activities, and receive ongoing training so they are always up to date with the latest techniques and procedures. Processes are constantly managed and monitored by our dedicated asbestos Technical Adviser.

Fast Response Where Needed

Where an immediate risk has been identified, we mobilise quickly to plan and seek prompt authorisation for asbestos removal so you can carry on with the minimum delay or disruption to your operations.

Broad-Based Engineering Support

In addition, every project benefits from the wider expertise available within Bilfinger. Our in-house engineers provide specialist guidance on a wide range of issues including structural integrity, process safety and equipment reinforcement techniques. We are also experts in access arrangements, and can supply teams of scaffolders trained in asbestos awareness.

Work with Bilfinger and whatever your project - ongoing maintenance, demolition or refurbishment - you will be working with an integrated team able to deliver every aspect of the work in the most practical, safe and cost effective way possible. As a result, you can be confident you are complying with your legal duty to manage risk, keeping workers and contractors safe.


- Project Planning

- Remedial Work and Encapsulation

- Asbestos Removal

- Monitoring and Management