Bilfinger Industrial Services UK


Thermal Insulation

Bilfinger Industrial Services UK Ltd provides innovative and cost-effective thermal insulation services to the petrochemical, process, energy and manufacturing sectors across the UK. Drawing on our extensive experience, we deliver situation-specific solutions that save money, conserve energy, and help keep plants functioning efficiently.


  • Plant Insulation Surveys - Comprehensive evaluation of shortcomings and the potential for improvement. Our specialist thermal insulation engineers will identify the most energy efficient solutions for your plant.
  • Temperature Maintenance for Process Requirements - Reliable systems to help you maintain the correct temperatures for operational safety and efficiency.
  • Economic Heat Conservation - Solutions that prevent heat loss, saving money and cutting carbon emissions.
  • Cold Conservation - including Cryogenic Protection against even the smallest rise in temperature.
  • Frost Protection/Winter-proofing Protection to keep plant and equipment functioning in the harshest of winter conditions.
  • Personnel Protection - Specialist insulation to protect site operatives from direct contact with sources of heat or cold.
  • Fire Protection - High quality specialist coatings to stop fires from spreading.
  • Acoustic Insulation - Solutions to noise problems.

Thermal Insulation That Gets Results

With the right insulation in place, you will see a significant improvement in your plant's operating profitability as well as a reduction in carbon emissions. A recent study by the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF) found that improved insulation of industrial plants and better insulation maintenance could deliver two thirds of the potential energy and CO2 savings available. Using the latest technologies, we find the solution that will bring optimum performance in each individual situation.

Proven Innovation and Experience

Working on both term maintenance contracts and project work, we draw on Bilfinger's international experiences to share technical innovations amongst supervisors and managers across all our sites. One example of this is the Lambda range of insulation products, developed and manufactured by Bilfinger Industrial Services in Norway. Designed to meet the demanding specifications of the Norwegian oil and gas industry, the range includes the Lambda Fire Jacket and the state-of-the-art Lambda Pipe Penetration Seal. A further Bilfinger initiative is the TIPCHECK scheme, a training programme run through EiiF to train thermal insulation specialist engineers on how to identify the most energy efficient insulation solutions for each area of a plant.

The Right Material for Every Job

Our engineers demonstrate knowledge and experience gained from working on projects in a diverse range of industrial settings to select the most appropriate materials for every insulation need. Their choice takes into account factors such as operating temperature and any temperature fluctuations that occur, as well as the function of the insulation itself.

Materials used include:

  • Man-made mineral fibres/calcium silicate and perlite
  • Cellular glass
  • Flexible expanded nitrile rubber
  • Rigid expanded foams
  • Microporous alumina-silicates
  • Wet applied syntactic foams
  • Flexible jacket systems

Broad-Based Support

Every project benefits from the wider technical expertise available within Bilfinger. We have our own in-house teams experienced in a broad range of services including plastics fabrication, mechanical and electrical installation, access, and protective paints and coatings. This means we can take care of all the associated services you are likely to require, and you need deal only with one supplier.

Work with Bilfinger Industrial Services UK, and you work with people who have a deep understanding of the field of thermal insulation and its application in industrial settings. You will get the most efficient insulation solution possible for your needs, so realising the full potential for savings in both operating costs and energy consumption.


- Plant Insulation Surveys

- Temperature Maintenance for Process Requirements

- Economic Heat Conservation

- Cold Conservation - including Cryogenic

- Frost Protection/Winter-proofing

- Personnel Protection

- Fire Protection

- Acoustic Insulation