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Access Solutions

Bilfinger Industrial Services UK Ltd supply and manage access services for a diverse range of complex and large-scale projects and term maintenance contracts. Working as part of the Bilfinger Group, we are one of the largest suppliers of industrial contract scaffolding and access services in Europe.

Total Access Management

Management of the total access package, covering options including powered access, tube and clip scaffolding, system scaffolding, specialised equipment, and rope access solutions. Our access engineers can work within customer organisations, giving advice and assisting with planning to ensure you meet deadlines and logistical targets.

Comprehensive Scaffolding Design

Scaffolding systems for temporary support structures, cantilevered and suspended access, temporary buildings, covered structures, bridges and more. Our engineers provide the technical knowledge necessary to ensure you get a structure designed to help you achieve your operational goals as quickly and efficiently as possible, and our tried and tested request systems and planning facilities mean you get a 'right first time' approach to design that keeps onsite alterations to a minimum.

Scaffolding Supply

Cost-effective scaffolding supply covering a wide range of scaffolding systems. We hold large stocks of our own scaffolding, and have the manpower necessary to manage the peaks and troughs that arise in both maintenance and shutdown work as well as the in-depth strength to handle one-off projects effectively. This means erection and dismantling of large quantities of equipment can be handled smoothly and your operational and project schedules are not disrupted by scaffolding issues.

Scaffolding Inspections

Scaffolding inspection services using the Scaftag system of recording and legal compliance. Careful and experienced inspectors give you confidence your scaffolding complies with legal requirements and that people working on it or passing nearby are safe.

Complete Access Services

We provide the full range of Access Solutions, from scaffolding through to lightweight aluminium towers, powered access, and rope access. No matter how challenging your project, our engineers have the experience and expertise to identify and implement the safest and most cost-effective access methods. If we can provide a solution which meets the scope of the work without the costs and time requirements of conventional tube and clip scaffolding, we will.

An Innovative Approach to Solving Access Problems

Committed to consistently offering the best option to customers, we regularly bring on board new products that improve safety and reduce costs and time on site. As an example, we regularly use the Layher Allround scaffolding system, an extremely flexible modern option that takes less time to erect and dismantle and typically achieves cost savings of 60% against conventional systems. Innovations also include the Spandeck system, a lightweight aluminium walkway, bridging and staging system in a single versatile unit. It has a unique reversible design which allows it to be used individually as a walkway or side by side as staging, and can be used in conjunction with all types of scaffold towers.


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