Bilfinger Industrial Services UK

Painting & Specialist Coatings

Painting & Specialist Coatings

Bilfinger Industrial Services (UK) Ltd provides a painting and specialist coatings service for both internal and external surfaces to industrial customers across the UK. With a strong combination of consultancy expertise plus solid technical skills, we deliver best value asset protection whilst consistently minimising risk to workers and the environment.


Surveys and Advice - Expert input from the start to specify the project correctly, so you get the performance you expect. We are happy to visit sites to give advice on painting and coatings, and a technical survey is always the first step in any job.

Project Planning - Every project plan takes into account both the specific technical requirements and also the need to make sure the work causes the least possible disruption to your operations.

Preparation and Application - There is no risk of your coating failing due to faulty surface preparation, because our teams take time to remove all dirt and contaminants and to repair any surface damage that might prevent the new coating from adhering correctly. Techniques used include hand and power tool preparation, grit blasting, and hot water and ultra high pressure (UP/UHP) water jetting. All work is closely overseen by experienced technical experts at every stage, and at the end of the project, we conduct a final quality control inspection.

Specialists in Painting and Protective Coatings for Industry

Our extensive experience of working in industrial settings means we can identify a tried and tested approach for almost any scenario. Today's paints and coatings can offer tremendous potential benefits - but only when used correctly. From initial specification through to final inspection, we provide both the professional oversight and the practical skills necessary for a successful result that delivers to its full potential. We work with customers on both term maintenance and project work.

Fighting Corrosion

Using the latest coating technologies, we can help you fight corrosion, cut operating costs, and get maximum availability and lifespan from your plant and equipment.

Protecting Against Fire

We install a wide range of fireproofing systems effective at restricting the spread of hydrocarbon fires on vessels and structures. These include intumescent coatings, products based upon vermiculite, and products from the FenderliteĀ® range for use in petrochemical applications. The systems incorporate spray or trowel applied coatings, adhesives/key, coats/sealants, top coats and reinforced fixings.

Meeting Functional Needs

From tank linings to factory flooring, we provide tough and durable surfaces to meet even the most challenging functional requirements.

Wider Technical Support

You can also benefit from Bilfinger's wider expertise, working with us as a single contractor delivering an integrated approach to related activities including asbestos removal, thermal insulation and access arrangements.

Work with Bilfinger, and you work with an innovative team who will identify and deliver the right products for every particular paint or coatings requirement. As a result, you have the confidence your coating is both contributing effectively to efficient and reliable production processes and also helping to protect investments in plant and equipment.


- Surveys and Advice

- Project Planning

- Preparation and Application


- Process and Storage Equipment

- Pipework and Structural Steel

- High and Low Pressure Tanks

- Tank Linings

- Pylon and Tower Painting

- Electricity Distribution

- Floors, Walls, Ceilings and Roofs