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Plastics Engineering

Plastics Engineering

Bilfinger Industrial Services UK Ltd provides a fast, efficient and competitive plastics engineering and fabrication service to process, manufacturing, energy sector and petrochemical customers across the UK. With extensive experience in the use of non-metallic systems for storing and moving fluids from water to highly hazardous industrial chemicals, our skilled in-house designers and engineers are able to design, supply and install the most appropriate option for every project.


  • Complete Turnkey Plastics Engineering Service - Every aspect of the project from design to installation and testing. An integrated and co-ordinated approach that saves you time, money and hassle.
  • Bespoke Pipework and Tank Design and Fabrication - Design and fabrication to meet even the most demanding specifications.
  • Field Fabrication - Fast and efficient on site services with minimal disruption to your operations.
  • Pipework Installation and Testing - Installation and testing for a wide range of pipelines including water mains, gas mains, hydrant and sprinkler mains, and pre-insulated mains.
  • Inspections and Pipe Stress Analysis - Inspections to spot problems before serious structural damage occurs. With even plastics subject over time to both reductions in chemical resistance and external corrosion, regular inspection is vital for both operational efficiency and safety.
  • Maintenance and Repair, including Emergency Call Outs - A reliable maintenance and repair service from our skilled in-house engineers and technicians. Services are provided for both ad hoc projects and as part of term maintenance contracts. We have teams based around the UK, so we can respond quickly to emergency call out requests.
  • Complete Plastics Engineering and Supply Services - Using the latest technologies, we supply a comprehensive and fully certified range of services ranging from GRP and thermoplastic fabrications through to flouropolymer-lined steel tanks and pipework for equipment in hazardous environments both on and off shore. Working on pipes, ducting, tanks and vessels, we also provide inspection, repairs and maintenance to keep equipment functioning efficiently and prevent any risk to either personnel or operations.
  • Delivering the Best Return on your Investment - Modern non-metallics typically offer better lifetime value than conventional metal alternatives - but only if you choose the right material for the specific operational need. Our engineers identify what will work best for you, taking into account the vast range of possible combinations and permutations of materials capable of addressing a multitude of different scenarios. In addition, they provide the careful design and specification that is crucial to success when working with ansiotropic materials (materials that are directionally dependent). As a result, you get a tailormade system that provides the optimum balance of performance, strength, and durability and gives you the best possible return on your investment.
  • Wide Range of Materials - We work with a wide range of materials including: Thermoplastics - uPVC, CPVC, PP, PE, Flouropolymers, Glass reinforced resin - GRP, FRP), GRE, RTRP and Dual laminate composites 

Broad-Based Engineering Support

In addition, every project benefits from the wider technical expertise available within Bilfinger. We have our own in-house teams experienced in a broad range of services including mechanical and electrical installation, access, insulation, and protective paints and coatings. This means we can take care of all the associated services you are likely to require, and you need deal only with one supplier.

Work with Bilfinger Industrial Services UK, and you work with real experts in the field of plastics design and engineering. Known for our successes working with a diverse and demanding customer base, we deliver reliable and durable systems to help you keep your plant running smoothly and your safety record strong.


- Complete Turnkey Plastics Engineering

- Bespoke Design and Fabrication

- Field Fabrication

- Pipework Installation and Testing

- Inspections and Pipe Stress Analysis

- Maintenance and Repair