Bilfinger Industrial Services UK

Process Plant Overhauls

Process Plant Overhauls

Bilfinger Industrial Services UK Ltd provides a single integrated source for the design, management and execution of process plant overhauls. We deliver professional shutdown management plus a guarantee your plant will be ready to operate on the agreed date with no leaks on start up.


  • Developing overhaul worklist definition and technical specifications for major job reviews
  • Worklist planning of all the required resources necessary to execute planned work
  • Development of the Schedule of Activity from shutdown to beneficial operation, optimising the balance of cost, duration and business risk
  • Budget development and project control of commercial risk, including procurement of on-site and off-site support services
  • Development of Safe Systems of Work, including CDM application for the overhaul and Project Scope of Work
  • Sourcing, management and control of resource from the UK and Europe to secure productive, safe and skilled tradesmen/supervision and ensure core skills available at all times. By incentivising performance improvement, we keep teams motivated and focused on what matters
  • Performance reviews and development of improvement plans for future overhauls in collaboration with customer operating teams

In House Knowledge and Capability

As a Bilfinger customer, you have access to the full range of expertise and resources of both Bilfinger Industrial Services UK and the wider European group. We take an integrated approach to project planning and include input from relevant experts as appropriate. In-house specialities include asbestos removal and access solutions. We are also able to draw on trade teams from across the group, giving us a strong pool of skilled, trusted and reliable labour.

Reliable and Economic Overhaul Services

Having worked extensively on overhauls in refineries and plants within the chemical, petrochemical, power industries as well as in other process and production environments, we understand the challenges plant operators face when the need for a turnaround or shutdown arises.

In order to help you overcome those challenges, we identify and work on tasks covering three core aspects:

  • Protecting the integrity of the plant
  • Improving the reliability of the plant
  • Increasing the efficiency of the plant

Because of our experience, we are able to combine technical knowledge of the asset with effective task and resource management and tight change control procedures. This means you get both an efficient, safe and economic overhaul with the minimum operational disruption and also optimum performance from the plant once back in operation.

Your Choice of Execution Model

We fit into your operations in the way most useful to you.

Options include:

  • Acting as managing contractor to deliver turnkey solutions for overhauls of up to 50,000 main trade hours
  • Supplying area management and execution for a process unit overhaul within a larger project event 
  • Project design, management and execution of a significant project package within a major overhaul window

Contract Terms to Reduce Risk

Flexible options for commercial terms include:

  • Target cost incentivisation
  • Profit against performance improvement
  • Schedule of rates
  • Lump sum payments

Work with Bilfinger on your plant overhaul, and you benefit from our consistent focus on sustainable performance improvement. Working closely with customers' operational teams and our supply chain partners, we deliver on our financial, safety and quality promises. As a result, your costs are on-target, your overhaul is completed safely and on time, and your plant will deliver improved performance and cost efficiencies into the future.


- Developing Overhaul Worklist Definition

- Worklist Planning of all Required Resources

- Development of Schedule of Activity

- Budget Development and Project Control

- Development of Safe Systems of Work

- Sourcing Management and Control of Resource

- Performance Reviews and Development of KPIs