Bilfinger Industrial Services UK


We Create. We Care. We Can.

Bilfinger does not gear its policy toward short-term goals, but focuses instead on medium and long-term success. This is only possible when sufficient consideration is given to non-economic factors in the pursuit of entrepreneurial initiatives.

A major share of our Company‚Äôs services are provided for power plants and industrial facilities in the areas of efficiency enhancement, lifecycle optimisation, resource conservation, environmental technology and renewable energy. Over the long term, Bilfinger intends to further solidify its position as a sustainable company. At the same time, we are developing concepts to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities.

Bilfinger Sustainable Corporate Principles

Our corporate responsibility to clients, employees, society and the environment is defined by the following principles:


At Bilfinger, compliance is a key component of successful management and good corporate governance. A Code of Conduct details the general principles of our behaviour. Supplementary Group guidelines contain concrete instructions on the issues of integrity, competition and dealing with business partners.


We create working conditions which maintain the health of our employees, and we make offers for passive and active preventative health care.


We are convinced that working without accidents is possible. Consistent compliance with safety regulations by all employees, responsibility for each individual for him or herself and for the community as well as the impact of role models are key components of our safety culture.


We ensure that negative impact on the environment as a result of our business activities is avoided as much as possible. Acting in a sustainable manner in all our activities and decisions contributes to the achievement of constant improvements in environmental protection.


We provide our clients with products and services in a timely manner which comply with contractually agreed levels of quality and legal requirements as well as the value benchmarks of the society.

These principles are binding for the entire Bilfinger Group and anchored in the consciousness of employees through appropriate management systems.