Bilfinger Industrial Services UK


We Make Industrial Services Work

Bilfinger Industrial Services UK Ltd is a subsidiary of the Bilfinger SE group. As an engineering and services group, Bilfinger develops, builds, maintains and operates plants and buildings for industry, the energy sector and real estate.

Bilfinger Industrial Services UK Ltd is one of the UK’s leading providers of integrated technical services for the process industry. Bilfinger provides services for the design, construction, maintenance and modernisation of plants, primarily in the sectors oil and gas, refineries, petrochemicals, chemicals, agro-chemicals and power generation. Bilfinger combines the best of two worlds: The specialist knowledge and innovative strength of engineers with the passion of the committed service provider.

Like no other company, Bilfinger brings together two complementary characteristics: engineering competence and service mentality. High quality, competence and extensive experience are the foundations of our success. With a unique combination of engineering competence and service mentality, we allow our clients to fully concentrate on their core business.

Bilfinger consistently focuses on the individual needs of its clients. We have both the means and the skills needed to offer precise, tailored solutions of various scales. We accompany projects over their entire lifecycle: from design, operation, maintenance and repair through to their decommissioning or revitalisation. In this regard, we rely on the diversity of our skills.

Since its formation, Bilfinger Industrial Services has enjoyed a significant increase in interest from Blue Chip organisations seeking the opportunity to combine a range of industrial services delivered by one supplier; an arrangement designed to reduce costs through the reduction of interface, cultural and commercial differences.